Michel’s Patisserie

Available in two different formats, Kiosk and Inline, Michel’s Patisserie offers customers a dine-in or take-away experience across a variety of product offerings.  Michel’s main product categories cover Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, Whole Cakes, Special Occasion Cakes, Individual Sweet Cakes and Savouries.

The Michel’s Patisserie format is typically found in small neighborhood shopping centers, or large scale shopping centers, and can vary in size depending on location. Typical store footprints are as follows:

Kiosk = 27 m² – 35 m²
In-line = 50 m² – 100 m²

Michel’s Patisserie & Cafe

Our newest concept, Michel’s Patisserie & Café, was first opened in 2014 with great success.   Michel’s Patisserie & Café is everything a Michel’s Patisserie is, with a little extra touch.

Whilst still maintaining a take-away offering, this concept offers an extended dine in experience.  The traditional Michel’s menu is enhanced by breakfast and light meal options, so customers are invited to stay a little longer.

Michel’s Patisserie & Café’s is equipped with an easy to run short order kitchen, an easy to execute menu that doesn’t rely on a fully qualified chef, together with a larger seating area to ensure all customers can be catered for.

Inline store footprint is typically 90 m² – 150 m²

The Michel’s Patisserie & Café model typically achieves a higher average transaction value and is suited to shopping malls or strip locations.